Overview Edit

Statuses are added to the draw pile by other effects. They usually detriment the player, which can make all the difference in battle.


Name Picture Cost Effect
1 At the end of your turn, LOSE 5 BLOCK. Banish this when played
Unplayable Banish this when it leaves the hand
Corrupted Blood
Unplayable Whenever you play an Attack, TAKE 1 DAMAGE. Banish this when it leaves the hand
Memory Loss
Unplayable At the end of your turn, BANISH a random other Ability from your hand
Unplayable At the end of your turn, TAKE DAMAGE equal to cards left in your hand and banish this

Gameplay Edit

  • Frozen is added to the draw pile by Hoon from the B-Squad and Lunara's Avalanche ability.
  • Confused is added to the draw pile by Ocunea, Ocumina, and the Plaque Sorcerer.
  • Corrupted Blood is added to the draw pile by Nightblade, who gives the player Corrupted Blade.
  • Memory Loss is added to the deck when the player picks up the Mark of Time Travellers.
  • Poisoned is added to the deck by the Killer Bee Hive, which gives the player Poison Coating.

Strategy Edit

  • Frozen is playable. At the cost of 1 Energy, the player can keep the Block that the status would normally remove.
  • Confused takes up space in the initial draw, so the player has to try to work with what they have. A potential counter could be the Gas Lamp, which allows them to remove an ability from the hand, or more card draws.
  • Corrupted Blood does not account for Skills or Auras, which will be the player's main source of damage against Nightblade. Skills that apply poison or weakness could be played on turns with Corrupted Blood. Alternatively, if all damage is blocked, the Corrupted Blood Abilities will never enter the draw pile, as Corrupted Blade only comes into effect if Nightblade deals unblocked damage.
  • Memory Loss, unlike the other Statuses, is considered part of the deck. As such, it has to be removed for 75 Gold at a Shop. By the second shop, this won't be a significant amount to lose - in fact, it makes the Mark of Time Travellers a better item, as the player gets Negate without having to worry about the Memory Loss.
  • Poisoned can be mitigated by playing as many Abilities as possible. Having extra energy makes it more likely that Poisoned does no damage. Consider using Haste, Sui-Ren and Flood Back (Lunara) and Stony Spirit (Flint) to gain the extra energy. Alternatively, zero-cost Abilities like Cold Wave (Lunara) or Parry can be played to reduce the damage.

Trivia Edit

  • Frozen is the only Status that can be played.
    • It is also the only Status given by another Ability - this Ability is Avalanche.
  • Memory Loss is the only Status that stays in the player's deck as an Ability.
    • It is also the only Status Ability given by an item rather than a monster.
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