"This is stone. that is stone. the world is stone. Life is stone. Death is stone. All set in stone. But there's a stone. So bright, so alive. Holding powers that Flintos "Flint" Brutaloz want to find. Edit


Flint is one of the playable characters in Monster World. He's technically the second official character and was first introduced in the 2019 April Fools version of the game.

In combat, Flint uses his rock-fists to fight opponents and his strong blocking abilities to defend himself.

In the game, Flint is holding the Taranga Stone, which is one of the three artifacts that got created when a creature of immense power was sealed away inside the Planet's core. Although not much can be gathered from the poem in his character description in the game, it seems that Flint is intrigued by the Taranga Stone and wants to find out about its true power.

Gameplay Edit

With the small amount of unique Abilities at his disposal, his only main archetype revolves around gaining block and his starting-item "Taranga Stone" (see Items: Taranga Stone) , which reduces his Maximum HP to 1, but prevents Block from being removed at the end of the Player's turn and at the end of battle.

Strategy Edit

Having a constant source of Block is crucial to Flint's survival, since it enables his Aura-Ability "Rock Rage!", giving him 1 Strength for every 10 Block he has. "Stone Smash!" also applies weakness to an enemy while Flint is at 30 Block or more. Upgrading his Dexterity stat to 5 will give you additional Block each turn and is highly advised.

Although Flint can snowball pretty quickly in terms of Strength and Block-gain, diluting your Deck of Abilities with non-blocking Abilities will result in enemies dealing damage faster than you can put up Block, making turns a lot more luck-based and risky.

Since Flint starts out with 1 Maximum HP, Abilities and Items that heal you are much less effective. Flint can, however, gain additional Maximum HP through upgrading his Health-Stat in the Character Sheet.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown how Flint got hold of the Taranga Stone.
  • His appearance in the background of the character selection and his defeated-sprite suggest that Flint is, after all, just another regular Stony that used some form of magic power to take on a more humanoid shape
  • Assuming he wrote the poem himself, Flint is one of the few known Stonys to be capable of speaking and writing in a human language.

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