Events are special sequences in Monster World that differ from regular fights. One is triggered at random when the player picks the Unknown route instead of a fight. Usually, an event yields a special item and/or a unique monsters. Some of these monsters, such as the B-Squad, are considered some of the most difficult fights in Monster World, second only to the bosses.

Gameplay Edit

Sometimes after combat, alongside the option between the two biomes in the current tier, an unknown option appears. This will almost always be an event. When clicked, a text box will appear containing the story behind the event, and the player is given multiple options which will affect the way they play the rest of the game.

Name Description Picture
The Hidden Drawer The player searches a chest of drawers for an item.
The Mark of Time Travellers The player chooses whether or not to take an item.
Killer Bee Hive Honey The player chooses whether or not to anger a bee hive.
Aliens? The player notices Cecil the Alien's crash-landed ship.
B-Squad attacks! A set of three boss monsters ambushes the player.
The Tadpole Pond The player encounters a pond, and sings with the tadpoles.
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