Description Edit

Endless Mode is a post-game feature in the preview version of Monster World that lets players start a new run from the beginning with all their items - an Endless Loop - in exchange for the monsters getting increasingly tougher. Similarly to Ascension in Slay the Spire, each Endless Loop has a different effect to make the game more challenging.

Loop Effect
1 Enemies gain 5 strength and 30 health. This happens every time the player finishes an Endless Loop.
2 Enemies gain Heavy Armor, meaning they never lose their block.
3 Two elites appear in the Elite Fight option.

The player's health is reset to 5. This happens every time the player finishes an Endless Loop.

Gameplay Edit

After defeating the final boss of Monster World, which is currently Ocumagna, the player is presented with the victory screen, showing their current score. They have the option to do an Endless Loop or to exit the game, which clears their deck. If the player clicks the Endless button, they appear in the Grasslands for the first encounter of the Endless Loop.

Strategy Edit

  • Since the monsters are stronger, players will have to block more. To do this, either level up dexterity for blocking skills or gain Strength to match the monsters.
  • Heavy Armor is countered by the KLUNK!-Hammer, a neutral Attack Ability that removes all block from monsters before dealing 8 base damage.
  • Do not fight elites past loop 3 unless you are confident your deck will let you survive them both, especially given that they will both have 15 strength and 90 extra health.
  • Leveling up health past loop 3 is very situational, since that progress will be reset after the final boss. It would be a better idea to build a deck around blocking as much damage as possible, and perhaps one Healing Water to fall back on if any monsters pierce through the armor.
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