Overview Edit

Elite enemies appear when you choose the "Fight Elite" path option. They are usually a lot stronger than standard enemies and reward you with an item chest after beating the encounter.

Elite enemy list Edit

Name Image Biome
The Great Slime
006 GreatGreenSlime
Plaque Sorcerer
007 PlagueSorcerer
012 Flimango
013 Nightblade
Cybernetic Spider
025 CyberneticSpider
Plaque Shaman
020 PlagueShaman

Strategy Edit

  • The Great Slime splits into two smaller Slimes on death. Remember this, and prepare to have to defeat them.
  • The Plaque Sorcerer comes with two Plaque Knights, but defeating them isn't as important as the much stronger Elite.
  • If you can play less than three Abilities in your turn against Flimango, do so in order to avoid activating its Rampage. Do not let it get any stronger.
  • Block all of Nightblade's damage to avoid the Corrupted Blade's effect. If you do get Corrupted Blood, check the Status Abilities strategy guide to play around it.
  • The Cybernetic Spider's web affects which Abilities you can play. There isn't a counter-play to avoid getting Webbed, so accept the web and finish the fight under its rules.
  • The Plaque Shaman's totems have to be taken out as soon as possible. If the Shaman is Stealthed it cannot be defeated. Also, the Shaman can summon more totems when its first totems are defeated; this could open up an opportunity to grind experience points in the late game.
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