Challenges are additional rulesets that add to the core gameplay experience of Monster World.

There are currently 5 challenges in Monster World as of the pre-release version 1.0.9. These are:

Overflow Every time you add an Ability to your Deck, add in 2 additional copies. This challenge gives the player the same effect as 2 Dark Chalices.
The Collector Start with a Deck that contains one copy of every Ability in the game. This gives the player one of each Ability their character can use.
Infinite Knowledge Start with the item "Illuminating Pyramid". At the start of your turn, add 10 random Abilities to the bottom of your Draw Pile. The Illuminating Pyramid allows the player to see the drawing order of the Abilities in their Draw Pile
Curse of the Drawer Whenever you attack an enemy, draw 2 abilities. Overdrawing an ability banishes it. (Maximum hand size is 7.) This gives the player Greed and every enemy the Drawer's Deceit.
Hardcore Start the run with 5 maximum HP. Difficult and unfair. The dreaded Hardcore Mode is the ultimate test of a Monster World player's skill.

Each challenge affects the overall strategy of a run in a different way.

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